Nice to meet you!

Husband, Father, Life Lover, Fine Art and Journalistic Visual Storyteller

My approach is personal, deep and intimate. It’s the combination of what I feel and what I see, between my soul and your heart, it’s the result of the combination between my endless and constance engagement for my job and your complete faith on what I can do for you.

For this reason it’s not so important for me to talk about the various awards that I constantly receive, about the honor mentions that I have obtained, about the world’s best photographers’s top tens where I am listed or about the features in the most important magazines of my works. What is important for me is that you fall in love with me, with my vision and with my work. I want your faith to be on me and not on what I represent.

I need your faith, because it is your faith that drives me to give my best. Creating images that skillfully manage to evoke and at the same time to document a wedding is a fairly complex and not so easy job.

My bride and groom are not a number or an appointment to go. They are my spouses for whom I care and to whom. I want to dedicate only the best. For them I am not just a photographer but their personal memory maker.

I do not think you want to be satisfied with standard memories. From my point of view, getting married in Santorini, London, Paris, Florence, in the quite tuscany countryside or in any other special places in the world,  you want to have your memories made with heart, precious images to be proud of, that evoke your day, that describe you, that tell about you, to share with your family, with your present and future friends.

Mine is a complex work of investigation and observation, of evaluation and sensitivity in order to enter in contact with you, empathize with your inner world. Photography is only the natural consequence of this.








Make a


If you have arrived here it’s not a chance: it’s because you care your story as much as I do.
This is reason why it is worth to be told at its best, as it should be done.
What I propose you is a meeting that becomes a journey in your story to tell real memories, yours, for ever..

Are you ready?