Nice to meet you!

I’m a Narrator, I’m a visionary, I’m a dreamer


I love the mountains,
the sound of the wind in high altitude, the colors of the sunset.
The smell of the sea in wintertime,
summer evenings with friends, eating pizza on the couch with my family.

Listen stories, meet people, get confused,
learn about traditions and cultures, experiment.
The warmth of laughter, the earth to trample on,
to be able to create something meaningful for others.

I live in Tuscany. Land of culture, nature and art. Cradle of the Renaissance and home of the great Poet.
Wonderful light and relaxing landscapes to take your breath away.
I travel and discover places that are just as beautiful.

I’m lucky.

I love Jesus, my wife, my three children and I would like to do everything with them.
I am attracted by simple things, by genuine gestures, by strong handshakes.

I believe in everything I do and I do everything as I think it should be done.

A narrator. A visionary. A dreamer.



Cover Photo by my friend Roberto Panciatici