For live your experience

The Story comes first

I love stories.
I have always been attracted by them. Through them I have discovered traditions, cultures and different ways of living and being. They have taught me the behind every person there is always a hidden story that is worth of being told and known. Every person always has inside something special that must be disclosed and revealed.
We are the stories that we are living.

A Special language

Photography is the language through which I can reveal your world and tell your stories. Differently from other languages (writing, painting or cartoons), for me it is a particular language. It’s the language of dreams, where every detail, every light has a value, properly like in dreams.


I care about your story. Every delivered image is not delivered randomly. It has a proper meaning for you today and, above all, it will have a proper value over time. All images are carefully selected in order to let you have the sensation to be still there and live your story again. And, above all, to let you always remember who you are.


Every delivered image is elaborated by myself (colours or black and white). So that the whole work should give a sensation of homogeneity and, above all, should always give you back your day’s mood.


I care about your memories and I want to make sure that they are saved in long time.
For this reason your pictures are to be delivered through an Cloud service, where you can decide to keep or download them.
The number of pictures delivered is generally between 600 and 800 images, edited and ready to print for all day weddings.
It will take around 12-14 weeks to get the pictures after your wedding date.
For other portrait sessions you will receive 80/100 images edited and ready to print 3/4 weeks after the session.

Only Max 25 Stories per year

Your stories are very important for me. They are your life. They are rich of details and are worth of all my care and attention. For this, I have decided not to exaggerate.
25 is the maximum number of stories per year for me, so that I could dedicate to each of them the necessary time.

booking your day

To book your date a signed contract and a deposit are required. Please remember that I work on a first come first served basis.