Wedding Storytelling in Italy and worldwide

unique and true, like your emotions

There is nothing I love more

than telling stories, love stories, family stories.

Stories move you inside. You are passionate about them. Engage you deeply. A wedding is the story. It’s  your Story! There are protagonists, love, tension, action, laughter, heroic deeds and, above all, a happy ending. So it cannot be a mere isolated set of individual photographs. It’a tale to tell for lifetime memories and you need a someone to tell it.

My wedding storytelling in italy and worldwide are real, unique, fresh and true, like the emotions you will experience that day.

A story is not an industrial product. Each person is unique and special, each couple has its particularities and each day is different. You  need an artisan work tailor-made for you. A good job resulting from observation, perseverance and a lot of passion, love and little bit of luck.

As a stories craftsman, I always look for different, unconventional and original points of view, to always give you images that are not replicas of other photographs, but that can belong to you forever. Each image is designed to show a story, to tell your story and that of your loved ones.

I care for your memories and for this reason I strive to create images that will always make you feel like you felt on your wedding day.
My wedding storytellings in Italy and worldwide are a journey into your family reality and that of your loved ones.

I focus my lenses with delicacy and discretion on human relationships, on the environment and the atmosphere that surrounds them, in order to give you a deeper and more intimate visual level.

I mainly work in ambient light, without using flash or illuminators, in silence and discretion. This allows me to stand aside, hidden among the people to get the real soul and atmosphere of the whole event.

My way is a story of combination of Photojournalism , creative and candid portraits, intimate and deep vision and Fine Art that will remain with you for the rest of your lives.

I love good stories and I am looking forward to telling yours.

wedding storytelling in Italy and worldwide - Livio Lacurre