My Wedding Storytelling

unique and true, like your emotions,

There is nothing I love more

than telling stories, love stories, family stories.

Stories move you inside. Engage you deeply. A wedding is the story. Celebration of two people in love who share their emotions with family and friends. So it can not be a mere isolated set of individual photographs. It’s a tale told for lifetime memories.

Every wedding is unique and I am committed to telling a unique story. I always do it in an unconventional and creative way without any interruption, without setting poses, without routine, as your wedding is not a repetition of someone else’s wedding.

My wedding storytelling in italy and worldwide are real, unique, fresh and true, like your emotions.

I believe that there must be a story in every picture. I  do not care to record all details of the event minute by minute. I strive instead to create images that tell a much bigger story, about you and your life. Images that depict and involve you, and that, above all, will let you feel forever how you felt on your wedding day.

My wedding tales are a journey that recovers the most profound and intimate reality of the spouses and their loved ones. I focus my lenses with delicacy and discretion on the relations between the subjects and between these and the ambience around them, in order to take you to a deeper and more intimate visual level.

I mainly work in ambient light, without using flash or illuminators, in silence and discretion. This allows me to stand aside, hidden among the people to get the real soul and atmosphere of the whole event.

The result of my work not only will give you back the same emotion that you feel in the day, but will also let you remember who you were when you got married. My way is a story of combination of Photojournalism , creative and candid portraits, intimate and deep vision and Fine Art that will remain with you for the rest of your lives.
I love good stories and I am looking forward to telling yours.