my way for preserve your memories



How is my way?

I want you, your parents and all your guests, stay confortable, relaxed, without stress.

wedding without stress - livio lacurre photography
The wedding day is your day. You must enjoy it. Enjoy the presence of your friends, relatives, family members. Enjoy the place you have chosen, enjoy the food,  the smells, the flavors, the lights. You must drink, dance. You have to get excited, cry, laugh. You must feel your heart whispering “I love all this”.

I want all of this for you and I want it to really happen!


So I won’t get in the way. I won’t stop you or tell you what to do. I will not move people to build fake scenes. I will not be the director of your day. Of course if you ask me, I will know how to advise you or suggest you, but discreetly, like a good old friend.

wedding without stress
You’ll not see my presence.
I’ll be like a ghost or if you prefere like an your guest: a special guest with camera.

And when you want to have a moment for you two only, far from everyone, immersed in a beautiful light, I will be able to show you the escape route .. (hey .. here let me make you some shots :-)!!). 


I tell your story following the flow of your wedding day in natural way without stress, without interructions, in a discret way but always staying connect with your heart and your emotion.


I don’t like things for granted so please don’t look for them.
I’m care with your memories lives forever!

Give me the chance to create your imagery of memories for you. Capturing your love and getting the real soul and atmosphere of your day. 

I want tell about you, for you.


Thank you for believing in your story. Thank you for thinking of me.

Thank you for thinking of me as a photographer for your memories.

Thank you for believing in your life and history. Thank you for thinking you can trust me.
I love good stories and would like to know more about yours. How did you meet? What do you like to do together? Who took the first step? Do you like pizza?...

I can’t wait to get to know you!

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